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The Braemar Tourism Group works to make Braemar and Upper Deeside an interesting and enjoyable destination for visitors. It seeks to identify those features that visitors like or need and then to enhance them. It also seeks to identify and remove things that detract from Braemar as a destination.

In summer its members are responsible for much of the entertainment that is provided. Thus The Braemar Royal Highland Society provides the Pipe Bands that play most Sundays, The Fife Arms and Invercauld Arms Hotels provide evening entertainments. The Group itself produces publicity to support these activities.

Tourism is important to Braemar and provides most of the local income, either directly or indirectly. We pride ourselves that the village offers a great attraction to visitors. Indeed, in 1992 Braemar won the Scottish Tourist Board 'Best Village for Tourism Award' and in 1996 repeated the triumph as 'the best of the best'. However, we do not wish to be complacent. Therefore in 1997 the Group persuaded Grampian Enterprise Limited and Kincardine and Deeside Enterprise Trust to sponsor a survey into the current and future provision of tourism resources in Braemar. This report has now been completed and will form the basis of much of our planning for the future.

Braemar has many natural advantages. It is a classic Highland Village sitting at the junction of three great and beautiful valleys. Through the valleys run the rivers Clunie and Dee. The latter is one of Scotland's great salmon rivers and it runs through glorious scenery on its way past Balmoral Castle giving the area its name of Royal Deeside. Above the valleys rise some of Scotland's highest mountains. Within a short distance there are some 20 or so 'Munro's' - hills with peaks over 3000 feet and Braemar is the starting point for those wishing to climb Ben McDui, the second highest mountain in the United Kingdom. To the south of the village, Glenshee, Scotland's largest ski centre is only 8 miles away. It is isolated and a wonderful place to escape the rush of modern life.

However, isolation has its own problems. We are some fifty miles from the nearest large town so that even shopping can be difficult and expensive. And in winter even getting to those towns can be a challenge - Braemar holds the record as the coldest village in the United Kingdom. Skiing in Scotland can be excellent but the weather is too changeable to offer a guarantee of good conditions. Thus, for example, a regular public bus service linking Braemar to Glenshee and Perth is not seen as viable in winter.

In spite of such difficulties Braemar has so many advantages that the job of selling Braemar is not an arduous one. Moreover, the welcome and service that visitors receive ensure that after the first stay most are anxious to return as soon as possible.


Honorary Officers for 2000-2001

Chairman: Simon Blackett Vice-Chaiman: John Macpherson

Secretary: David Torrance Treasurer: Michael Franklin


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