Local Wildlife

Deer In The Garden

Both Red Deer and Roe Deer visit the garden from time to time. These pictures of (wild) Red Deer were taken by (and shown here with the kind permission of) David Lamont. Click here for larger pictures.

Here the deer are inspecting the garden. The chalet is in the background.

The month being June, the deer are growing new antlers.

Where next?

Time for a rest under a silver birch.

More Wildlife

These photographs were taken by Mr D. Stewart while staying in the self-catering chalet, Summer 1999. Click here for larger pictures.

This handsome beast is welcome to visit anytime. If only he would not eat the flowers and the shrubs!

One of a family. Like their larger grey cousins the red squirrels like to steal the nuts from the bird table.
Bed and Breakfast regular. This little fellow has been a daily visitor to the kitchen door throughout the summer. He (or she) has very fastidious tastes.
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